Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Robo duck decoy

No, it's not going to take over the world or try to protect it, but it will get you more ducks. Robo ducks are great because they move to simulate a duck landing, swimming, or taking off. They are powered by batteries to move the wings or the prop. Ducks flying over and seeing movement of fellow ducks will be more attracted than looking down at a still spread. The robo ducks are not cheap they can vary from 50$ - 200$ depending on the quality and features. Another option is buying the wind powered duck decoy. Now these are cheaper and produce the same effect unless the wind comes to a dead calm. They need very little wind infact. The decoys wings act like windmills to give it a lifelike action. Homemade robo decoys can be made with minimal effort. Simply look at a robo duck, get the specs of the wings and build it. Use a direct or belt driven system to power the wings. A wind powered decoy wouldn't be so hard to build either. You just have to make sure the wind will actually turn the wings. All in all a robo duck is a good buy if you want to see more action on the water.

Cleaning a duck

So you just got home with your bag limit and now what, well make your catch ready to be cooked or frozen. People have many different ways to clean a duck but one of the easiest is to step on its feet and neck, stick 3 fingers on top of the breast and pull out the breast. Now you can just pluck the remaining feathers and clip one wing. The reason you only clip one wing is because you have to be able to identify your catch even after cleaning to keep it legal. Place in individual freezer bags to store and mark the bird types on the bag to keep your freezer organized.